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Platek Machine provides service to Chemistry – Petro-Chemistry and Pharmaceutics industries with Schmidt brand Plate Heat Exchangers, HST brand High Pressure Homogenizers and KIESELMANN brand stainless hygienic valves and fittings groups. 

The German origination of the brands which Platek Machine carries out dealership or distributorship in Turkey is a clear indicator of high quality principle of the company.

It is possible that you find a solution for all of your needs with Schmidt heat exchangers from the smallest applications to biggest applications with more than 40 different types of plates (except different flow models) with different sizes, different materials, various capacities up to 2200 m3/h and different flow surfaces.


You can minimize your operation costs and obtain the best performance with welded and semi-welded Schmidt Plate Heat Exchangers allowing operation under high temperatures and pressures other than the areas of use for the washer plate heat exchangers particularly in chemistry and pharmaceutics industry and designed for corrosive (dangerous), aggressive gas and liquid applications.  


In addition to the applications in the food industry, the German Kieselmann brand Stainless Hygienic Valve and Fittings groups, which you can use safely in applications when hygiene is required for aggressive and corrosive  liquids and gases in chemistry and pharmaceutics industries, is offered by Platek Machine to you.