What is deodorisation?

It is a process of removing the air and odors that are naturally found in liquid products or formed as a result of the chemical and oxidative reactions. However the air and odors found in these products create some problems in the structure and quality of the product structure, they also give rise to some technical problems during processing of the products.

Thanks to Platech DeoPlat Deaerators, you can solve all these problems without sacrificing the product quality. Platech Deaerators with their technological an user friendly design are produced as fully automatic and semi-automatic within the capacity range of 500 l/h and 35000 l/h.

How does it work?

Product is sent to the deaerator tank, the internal pressure of which is lowered to a certain pressure under the atmospheric pressure with the help of a pump. The product sprayed with a special mechanism at the inlet of the tank is enabled to be spread to the internal walls by forming a thin film.

Since the product, thanks to its low pressure, is boiled instantly at a temperature under its normal boiling temperature, the air mixed with the product or found in the product is separated and removed from the product. While air and odors are discharged through the vacuum system, a certain amount of product and aroma elements which vaporize are passed through a condenser and regained and mixed in the product again.

Technical Features

DeoPlat Deodorizators are customized according to the product and product features on sectoral basis. They are generally used in milk and dairy products, fruit juice, beverage industries, honey, ketchup, sauce and similar applications, and produced as automatic and semi-automatic vacuum systems. All equipment used in DeoPlat Deodorizators are in the European standards ad and have high hygienic norms. The vacuum product pump found in the system are completely made of AISI 304 quality stainless steel and the surfaces in contact with the product are made of AISI 316 quality stainless steel.